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Diamond stone crusher

Brand Name: DOUBLE
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Double as a professional mining equipment manufacturer supply diamond stone crusher plant, and our equipment has sales to Malaysia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, India, Germany, USA, Kenya, Pakistan, Zambia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Egypt, Uae... 

diamond stone in South Africa

Diamondstone is a compound stone composed of silica sand and granite or quartz granules. These natural materials are bonded with high-quality resins into an incredibly strong building product that is more wear-resistant, colourfast and corrosion-resistant than the toughest natural stone. In appearance, Diamondstone is virtually identical to natural stone.

Double equipment has participated in the South Africa diamonstone crushing market for decades of years. We supply jaw crusher, cone crusher, portable rock crusher, vsi crusher for the diamondstone broken.

diamond equipment manufacturer

Double equipment bends itself to the aggregate and infrastructure industry for years. We manufacture equipments for tomorrow's specification with quality workmanship. Our diamond stone crushers have been designed to maximize productivity with lower maintenance and operating cost.